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Project planning

Developing with Elbe-Hydraulik – from the idea to the finished product!

We provides full-service for oil and water hydraulic systems for plenty cases of application of industry, agriculture, marine- and commercial vehicle technology. Elbe-Hydraulik develops custom-made solutions for several areas such as plant manufacturing, construction machines, mobile hydraulic, and process engineering.
The fast changing markets and different fields of application require highly developed knowledge and experience. Already for years now Elbe-Hydraulik offers top quality and special solutions for every request. Elbe-Hydraulik stands for responsibility and quality. Since year one we use the latest production processes and materials – our companies’ philosophy that we remain faithful to.
Progress is our tradition.
The base of quality and customer satisfaction is a team consisting out of highly motivated and qualified employees. Machines only work as efficient as the machine operator.
Therefore our employees possess technical ability and practical experience on a high level.
A big part of our professionals is trained by us and knows the entire production process well.
No matter if it is high-tech or craftsmanship, CNC- or welding technology Elbe-Hydrauliks employees know all requirements and an order is only completed when all cylinders work optimal.
We are pleased to provide you with professional advices:
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Customer satisfaction is the ultimate ambition and this does not end with the completion of a production, we install the machine properly. Our customers can be sure to profit from Elbe-Hydrauliks after-sales- management.