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Elbe Hydraulik in Stade GmbH was founded in 1991 by the company manager Relef Schloo. The main business in the early years was assembly of hydraulic hoses and trading with hydraulic components of any kind.
As a result of positive feedback from the sector the company grew and the increasing request for services in hydraulic made it necessary to move into major factory building. In 1999 the new plant in Stade Süd was erected with enough square to meet the requirements.
Today Elbe Hydraulik has three subsidiaries in north Germany which are Osterrönfeld, Hamburg and Stade. About 70 employees work together to manufacture high quality products.
Additional to the assembly of hydraulic hoses and trading the company today is a vendor for services like maintenance, upkeep and construction in hydraulic mechanical engineering.

The high quality standard, mobility and flexibility publish Elbe Hydraulik spacious in Germany and even worldwide.